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How active is your passive strategy?

The term “passive”, when used in conjunction with an investment strategy, has been known to breed the common misconception that index tracking is system generated and, thus, an approach relatively devoid of active decision-making, says Kingsley Williams, Chief Investment Officer of the indexation capability for Old Mutual Investment Group’s Customised Solutions boutique. The reality, however, is […]

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Sanlam Private Wealth on financial education and inherited money

How does a weakening rand affect me?

By Sore Cloete, Senior Legal Manager at Old Mutual. What’s in the news? Over the past week, the rand has weakened against all major currencies, hitting a seven-week low against the dollar on Wednesday, 5 July 2017. Though blame was placed on the ANC’s proposal to nationalise the SA Reserve Bank (SARB), the underlying reason […]

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Empower yourselves now to avoid retirement cliff: Old Mutual

With the South African economy in recession and households under increasing financial pressure, South Africans need to urgently review their financial situation and consider adjusting their lifestyles. (more…)

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A story of hedge funds

Hedge fund investing is not new to the global industry. The concept of hedging the markets, i.e. being long and short of stocks, was initiated in the late 1940s. In the earliest recordings, farmers in China would hedge the price of their crops for sale at a later date. Global hedge funds began to appear […]

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Close-up car accident

Brain injuries: Heads up for the costs of recovery

Head injuries can result in damage to the most important part of the central nervous system – the brain – and can irrefutably impact on one’s health, well-being and ability to work. With World Head Injury Awareness Day on 20 March, South Africans are reminded to be mindful of how to reduce these accidents, and […]

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pravin prize 2

Top Economics Students Honoured

Business and government leaders last night celebrated the brilliance and promise of South Africa’s young economics students – finalists of the annual Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech Competition – at a dinner hosted by Nedbank and Old Mutual, with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan as guest of honour. (more…)

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IRR report on cancer and its effect on South Africans

Don’t let cancer endanger your financial wellbeing

As one in four South Africans are affected by cancer, it becomes increasingly important for individuals to know the financial implications of an illness and the costs associated with the fight back to good health. (more…)

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Give the gift that keeps giving

This time of year sees both children and adults preparing their wish-lists for the upcoming festive season. But as many South Africans continue to grapple with rising debt, now is a good time to shift the focus from giving material items to providing future financial wellbeing. (more…)

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