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Peter Moyo

Final countdown to Old Mutual Limited listing on African stock exchanges

Ahead of the primary listing of Old Mutual Limited (OML) in the continent of its origin next week, Old Mutual said it was taking the final steps to ensure its successful debut as a stand-alone business on several stock exchanges in Africa on Tuesday, 26 June. “The table is set for this historic event. We […]

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Risk cover doesn’t have to break the bank

There’s no disputing that good health and the ability to earn an income are two of your most valuable assets. Without the two, we cannot acquire the tangible assets we hope to, like cars, houses and future wealth. This is why it’s important to financially protect your health and income. The peace of mind that […]

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Lizl Budhram

Football coach and financial adviser – they’ve got more in common than you think

Why you should look for solid mentorship skills in both. Like the best football coaches, a good financial adviser can guide you to achieve your goals. Behind every great achievement there’s a strong mentoring relationship. As the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off this week, the coaches of the world’s greatest teams will be on […]

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Saving the earth needn’t cost the earth

There was a time when you could sip your favourite strawberry smoothie without worrying about the straw. But that was before you and the world started becoming more aware of your impact on the environment. According to Euromonitor International, the global market for health and wellness offerings reached $686 billion in 2016 and it is […]

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Is Bitcoin just a digital tulip?

Throughout history, the world has been exposed to numerous economic bubbles. From Japan’s real estate and stock market bubble in 1990 to the dot-com bubble and US housing bubble, each one had dire consequences for the economy and detrimentally impacted millions of people. Whether Bitcoin is destined for a similar fate remains a rife debate […]

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Elize Botha

What’s holding millennial’s back from reaching financial freedom

Better educated, tech-savvy and optimistic millennials – South Africans born between 1982 and 2000 – are more likely to seek financial independence and personal fulfillment, compared to older generations. This is according to Elize Botha, Managing Director of Old Mutual Unit Trusts, who revealed the findings of a survey commissioned by the company at an […]

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Five steps to being investment-savvy newlyweds

Typical millennial couples seem to prefer receiving cash in place of tangible wedding presents. While agreeing that this makes sense, Lisa Airey, Strategy Analyst at Old Mutual Unit Trusts, urges millennial newlyweds to consider investing their monetary contributions into building a financially secure future together.  (more…)

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Karabo Morule

Dynamic Old Mutual executive selected as a WEF Young Global Leader

Building on her achievement of being the second black woman to qualify as an actuary in South Africa, Old Mutual executive manager Karabo Morule has become one of only two South Africans to be invited this year to join the World Economic Forum’s community of Young Global Leaders (YGL). Morule (36) is among 10 promising leaders from sub-Saharan […]

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