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How to plan effectively for your child’s education  

Providing your children with the education they need to build a successful future is something most parents strive for. But with the cost of education increasing annually at a higher rate than inflation[1], and average salaries barely keeping pace, putting your kids through school needs to be part of a considered financial plan. (more…)

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The lowdown on getting great financial advice

“Finding a financial adviser you can trust often feels like a daunting task, with many not even knowing where to begin,” says Lizl Budhram of Old Mutual Personal Finance. (more…)

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Gerhardt Meyer

Global Financial Planning Organisation Appoints Gerhardt Meyer as Chairperson-Elect

Gerhardt Meyer, CFP®, Head of Governance for the Wealth Division of Old Mutual South Africa has been appointed chairperson-elect of Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) effective, April 2018. Meyer will then serve another year as Chairperson to FPSB’s Board of Directors in 2019. (more…)

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Free higher education still costs money

In December 2017, South African President Jacob Zuma announced that all students from working–class homes would qualify for free tertiary education from 2018. (more…)

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old mutual

Old Mutual launches retail shareholder advertising campaign on managed separation

Old Mutual plc (Old Mutual) has launched a major advertising campaign aimed at its 450 000 retail shareholders ahead of the separate listings of its UK and South African businesses in Johannesburg and London. (more…)

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Old Mutual receives SA Competition Commission recommendation

Old Mutual Emerging Markets welcomes the constructive and supportive engagements with the Minister for Economic Development, his Department and the South African Competition Commission on the proposed corporate restructure taking place as part of Old Mutual plc’s managed separation strategy. (more…)

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OMEM appoints Troskie as Financial Director

Old Mutual Emerging Markets (OMEM) has appointed Casper Troskie as Financial Director (FD) effective 01 April 2018. This follows Mike Ilsley stepping down as FD in November 2017 due to health reasons. “Casper will also become FD-Designate for Old Mutual Limited (OML), the new South African holding company which is planned to be listed on […]

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Key market take-outs on ANC election result

The ANC has elected Cyril Ramaphosa as its new President. He will in all likelihood also become the President of South Africa following national elections in 2019 or earlier, if President Jacob Zuma steps down before then. (more…)

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