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Investors must consider ESG factors

Responsible investment is an approach to investing that includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies. This is done to help better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns. (more…)

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The offshore conundrum for SA investors

By Zain Wilson, Portfolio Manager at Old Mutual Investment Group. The recent announcement that South Africa has officially entered a recession, following two consecutive quarters of negative growth, appears to have largely reversed the optimism that took hold of the country following the change in leadership at the beginning of the year. While the global […]

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old mutual

Making good progress on strategic priorities: Old Mutual

Old Mutual Limited (OML) today announced its first interim results since its primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in June 2018, and confirmed it was making good progress on its strategic priorities. (more…)

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Lizl Budhram

Effective rewards programme essential to a future fit practice

Financial services reward programmes should enable customers to exercise responsible financial behaviours Old Mutual Rewards helps advisers create tangible, long-term value Holistic advice underpinned by genuine value-added benefits and services is necessary to retain customers in a post-RDR world (more…)

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Old Mutual CEO Peter Moyo

Financial inclusion and support key to entrepreneurship in Africa

Driving financial inclusion amongst entrepreneurs and small business owners in Africa will ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge to transform their businesses into productive and sustainable contributors to the continent’s economy. (more…)

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Rewarding a smart savings mindset

Whether it’s smoking, over-eating or spending money on the wrong things, bad habits are hard to break. However, one of the toughest to break is managing money poorly, including borrowing too much, saving too little or protecting yourself against shocks. (more…)

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Lynette Nicholson

Optimism about SA isn’t enough to kick-start a strong savings culture

Old Mutual research results reveal a nation in need of greater commitment. South Africans are feeling more confident about the country’s economy and adopting better financial habits. Nevertheless, stronger commitment to long-term savings goals is still needed to turn the nation’s poor savings cycle around. This is one of the findings from the 2018 Old […]

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