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Andrew Kurten

Award-winning adviser joins PSG Wealth

PSG Wealth Melrose Arch is pleased to announce that Wealth Manager Andrew Kurten has joined the office. Andrew is regarded as one of the top wealth managers in the country, with various awards and achievements behind his name. He has 15 years of experience in the banking industry and is skilled in portfolio management, financial planning, and retirement […]

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Adriaan Pask, CIO at PSG Wealth

The four best investment lessons we learn from volatility

Volatility is a given in the investment world, and in the past year investors have been exposed to several events that sparked short-term volatility. There were irregularities around corporate finances, sovereign events like the ANC elective conference, and concerns around rising inflation in the United States, which led to a sharp decline in US markets […]

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PSG Wealth expands Gauteng footprint further as SP Wealth Management joins the fold

PSG Wealth, the financial planning and wealth management division of JSE-listed PSG Konsult, has acquired a stake in leading Johannesburg wealth management firm SP Wealth, which has rebranded as “PSG Wealth Rosebank”. (more…)

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Building a robust estate plan

Investment managers go to great lengths to plan ahead so that investment portfolios will withstand market volatility and unforeseen events. But how do you construct a robust estate plan that will withstand the onslaught of the many legislative changes and punitive taxes introduced in recent years? (more…)

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PSG Wealth’s political education campaign a moveable feast

Not every marketing campaign is aimed at promoting a new product or service.  And not every audience can be simply categorised as ‘internal’ or ‘external’, particularly in the case of PSG Wealth, its clients and their over 750 independent financial advisers. (more…)

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Are you a robust investor?

With volatility a more or less permanent feature of the investment environment, investors need to become more robust in how they approach creating wealth. (more…)

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Jac de Wet

You’ve been burnt by the market – now what?

By Jac de Wet, National Head of Sales, PSG Wealth What can you do about a market event, correction or shock after the fact? The best course of action, is to view it as a learning opportunity, and take action to ensure your risk profile, investment strategy and asset allocation have all been determined correctly. […]

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10 financial considerations when getting divorced

Divorce is an extremely traumatic and disruptive experience. Apart from the legal implications and emotional turmoil, there are also important – but often overlooked – financial aspects that need to be considered, PSG Wealth discusses ten of these below. (more…)

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