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Determining your appetite for risk

As investors continue to be buffeted by uncertainties in the market, the importance of an appropriate, disciplined and strategic investment strategy is increasingly evident. Emotions are among an investor’s biggest enemies, particularly when faced with challenging and unpredictable events. (more…)

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Lesley-Anne Morgan

South Africans significantly underestimate cost of living in retirement

While the widening gap between expectations and the financial realities of life in retirement is an issue that faces people across the globe, the situation appears to be particularly dire for South Africans. This is according to the Schroders Global Investor Study 2018, a survey conducted by global asset management firm, Schroders, of over 22,000 […]

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Facilitate the right choices today for better retirement outcomes tomorrow

Partnering with the right umbrella fund can reduce the inherent conflict between saving for retirement and spending on more pressing day-to-day expenses. Katherine Barker, Head of Momentum FundsAtWork, says that this conflict, which inevitably impacts negatively on retirement outcomes, can be lessened by proactively encouraging certain pre-retirement behaviour. (more…)

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Evergreen Muizenberg

Rapid retirement expansion – what’s the next big play?

Demand for retirement facilities in South Africa is surging, with one development company’s footprint growing dramatically. Though the retirement sector is growing in South Africa with 6,8million retirees being predicted by 2030, it is a fragmented and largely underserved market. (more…)

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Existing pension rules apply until new regulations are in force: PFA

Government’s recent default regulations applicable to the pension funds industry will ensure that members are better informed about their decisions at retirement, said Muvhango Lukhaimane, the Pension Funds Adjudicator. (more…)

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Does your retirement fund work for millennials?

Millennials, an increasing portion of today’s workforce, are set to shape the world of work for many years to come. Katherine Barker, Head of the Momentum FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds, says that retirement fund solutions need to be flexible enough to address the specific needs of this rapidly-evolving workplace demographic. (more…)

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Expert retirement savings tips for late starters

Medical advancements mean that we can hope to live much longer lives, but this raises the key question: how do you save enough money to ensure that your retirement funds don’t dry up too soon – especially if you’re a late starter? (more…)

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Does a lump sum at retirement age make sense?

The thought of receiving a large lump sum at retirement is appealing to many people, and dreaming of spending it can make all the hard work over a lifetime seem worthwhile. Provident fund members, unlike pension fund members, are not compelled to convert the lump sum into a monthly income, but whether this option is […]

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