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Just advises on retirement strategies

Alexander Forbes enters into partnership to improve the outcomes for pensioners

Alexander Forbes has partnered with Just South Africa (subsidiary of the Just Group plc, a global financial services group listed in the UK) to launch a new retirement solution which combines the benefits of traditional asset classes and a lifetime income fund as part of a comprehensive range of retirement solutions, the Alexander Forbes Retirement […]

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Don’t dread how the picture can change after 65, be prepared

By Adv. Ronald King, Head: Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, PSG Wealth.  Ageing is enjoyable only if you are healthy. The future demands that every individual should take out sufficient health cover, exercise and follow a healthy diet, but don’t forget your medical aid, gap cover and dread disease cover. (more…)

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Mark MacSymon

Make sure that you and your financial planner are executing the same financial game plan

The relationship that you have with your financial planner is comparable to the one that exists between a professional sportsperson and his or her coach. It takes the form of an unbiased and objective collaboration through which you and your financial planner continuously evaluate and implement the strategies that will deliver your desired long term […]

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Awareness around retirement fund cost structures alarmingly low

When it comes to daily costs such as food, petrol, school fees and data bundles, most people are able to recall exactly, often to the cent, how much each item costs them. However, when it comes to understanding the costs that they are paying for their retirement fund, South African employers and members alike seem to […]

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Tim Mertens

Unpacking financial emigration

Financial emigration, also known as formal emigration, is the process whereby a South African resident changes their status with the Reserve bank to that of a non-resident. One of the most important benefits of this is that retirement savings and annuities can be withdrawn and transferred offshore, even if the person is still under the […]

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Tandisizwe Mahlutshana

Top up your retirement annuity now!

Topping up your retirement annuity before the end of the tax season has some major financial benefits and will give any taxpayer a reason to smile in 2018. (more…)

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Evergreen Lifestyles on retirement villages

Surge in demand for upmarket retirement housing

The prevailing idea of retirement housing is the stereotypical old age home: a hospital-like environment. But, says Arthur Case, CEO of retirement accommodation provider Evergreen Lifestyle, things are changing, largely owing to South Africa’s large, growing population of elderly people, which has created a gap in the market. (more…)

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