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New regulations will help to improve your retirement outcomes

Regular reviews of the South African financial services sector’s regulatory framework is essential to ensure the system remains resilient and problem areas are addressed. A good example of review with the intention to improve is the recently approved Retirement Funds Default Regulations. Teboho Tlooko, Principal Officer for the PPS New Generation Retirement Fund, says that […]

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What should trustees look for when choosing a retirement solution?

As the obligations for trustees to select the most appropriate retirement solution for their members grows more onerous, it is crucial to weigh up the long-term impact for total fees along with other important features to assess a good retirement solution. (more…)

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Rob Formby, chief operating officer designate, Allan Gray

Are you playing it too safe to reach your retirement goals?

A report released this month in the US revealed that investors are playing it too safe to achieve their retirement savings goals. The report interviewed more than 1000 investors between the ages of 50 to 75, and found that of those surveyed, 80% prioritised discussing risk tolerance. (more…)

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The three phases of saving for retirement

By Shaun Ruiters, Executive of Business Development at PPS Investments. Life expectancy within the global context has been increasing rapidly, which enhances the growing risk of outliving your retirement savings. According to the World Economic Forum, individuals born in 2017 are expected to live to the year 2117. The obvious consequence of this is that […]

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Umbrella funds can help attract millennial talent – Allan Gray

Millennials are redefining the working environment, placing a bigger emphasis on tech and innovation, flexibility and rewards that aren’t only about remuneration. Experts predict that by 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. It makes sense then that business owners consider how their employee benefits need to change in order to attract […]

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Phillip Kassel

How to be debt free by retirement

Most South Africans don’t know how much time is left before they retire. They don’t have a financial plan in place to settle their debts and start investing. Unfortunately, the majority of income earners will have to seriously downgrade their lifestyles when regular income stops coming in. (more…)

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Hugh Hacking, Head of Old Mutual Corporate Consultants

Smoothing out retirement returns – a lesson from the Steinhof collapse

The sudden devaluation of Steinhoff – one of the 15 largest companies listed on the JSE – highlights the need for retirement assets to be sufficiently diversified. With enough diversification, even if a fund manager were overweight on this share, the impact on the total fund would be limited. Hugh Hacking, General Manager Operations Old […]

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Brad Toerien

Are your clients saving enough for retirement?

By Brad Toerien – FMI CEO We all know that saving for retirement is essential, but do we know how much our clients need to retire? Our calculations are often based on the outdated assumption that individuals only need 75% of their income to maintain their desired standard of living and that savings equal to […]

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