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The value of financial advice

A new UK research report has found that those who received financial advice in the 2001-2007 period had accumulated significantly more liquid financial assets and pension wealth than their unadvised equivalent peers by 2012-14. (more…)

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Liberty launches Agile 2: Guaranteed returns during economic uncertainty

The significant success of Liberty’s Agile retirement solution, combined with the current market uncertainty has spurred the insurer to introduce a new feature to the retirement solution by launching Agile 2. The enhancements now allow investors to realise more aggressive, guaranteed investment returns. (more…)

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The challenges of retirement planning for couples with a large age difference

Dual income couples with an age gap face even greater challenges.  This is according to Lisa Griffiths, a wealth adviser at BDO Cape Town, who cautions that couples with an age gap have special needs to consider when planning for their retirement. (more…)

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Empower yourselves now to avoid retirement cliff: Old Mutual

With the South African economy in recession and households under increasing financial pressure, South Africans need to urgently review their financial situation and consider adjusting their lifestyles. (more…)

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Dash camera in car installed on the window

Should dash cams play a bigger role in the short-term insurance industry?

Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi released road death statistics showing a 51% increase in fatalities during the 2017 Easter period – raising concern for safe driving on the roads. The role of dash cams (or car dashboard cameras) in helping motorists with responsible driving has been much debated around the world. Social media is littered with […]

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Accommodation options for retirees

Shortage of retirement accommodation in South Africa

There’s an added element of retirement planning that perhaps does not receive the attention it should.  It relates to the choices about the roof over one’s head when one becomes a senior citizen. (more…)

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Five money mistakes retirees must avoid

Retirement planning is an ongoing process; in fact once retirement starts it becomes all the more important to make wise investment decisions. (more…)

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Just advises on retirement strategies

Three retirement strategies amidst market turmoil

A few weeks have passed since the political drama that unfolded which caused South Africa’s sovereign risk downgrades to junk status by key ratings agencies, S&P and Fitch. It is clear that tough economic times lie ahead, says Deane Moore, CEO of Just – so what retirement strategies should South Africans consider to navigate their finances […]

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