Ipsos Poll: ANC at 61%

“With the next national election planned for May this year, voters are making up their minds about which party to support,” says a study by research services provider, Ipsos. 

“However, uncertainty is rife – many people are not sure which party to vote for, giving political parties the opportunity to try and influence voters before the election comes around.”

The 6-monthly “Pulse of the People™” study found that currently, six in every ten registered voters (61%) will put their mark next to the name of the ANC in a national election. The ruling party is followed distantly by the DA (14%), EFF (9%) and IFP (2%). A total of 13% of registered voters answered that they would not vote, would not vote for a current party, refused to answer or didn’t know which party they would vote for.

The study was conducted at the end of 2018. Ipsos asked a randomly selected sample of registered voters which party they would vote for in a national election if the election were to happen the next day. Respondents were given the opportunity to fill in their own choices on an electronic voting paper, imitating a secret vote.

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