Does tax really matter when making investment decisions?

After tax returns

Tax rates have been rising for several years now. Personal tax rates have gone up, and even structures such as trusts and companies are now heavily taxed in their own right. (more…)

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IRR snap poll: ANC up to 56%, DA and EFF down

In line with the IRR’s objective to become an authority on political market research, the Institute has undertaken a snap poll, focusing exclusively on party political support, to supplement the IRR’s first full survey on the electoral landscape, carried out in September 2018. (more…)

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A tough investing year behind us, what now?

By Nkareng Mpobane, Chief Investment Officer Ashburton Investments. It has been an extremely challenging period in markets. Investors are disillusioned, while their portfolio managers have been humbled. A manager whose style maintains a bias toward the large-cap sector of the JSE likely suffered negative returns regardless of their selection decisions. Giants such as MTN, Aspen […]

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Keep your business safe over the festive season

Businesses that are planning to shut down over the festive period should take precautionary measures to ensure their premises are safe and secure at all times. (more…)

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8 top tips to get you through the festive season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, it’s South Africa’s annual shutdown (except for retailers, restaurateurs, emergency services and insurers that really care about their clients..) But just because it’s called the silly season doesn’t mean we have to start taking silly pills when it comes to our personal safety, and that of […]

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Confident outlook for SA REIT performance in 2019

The SA REIT sector is set to deliver double-digit total returns to investors next year. (more…)

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Liberty Viewpoint to be called Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries

Liberty Viewpoint, Liberty Corporate’s consulting subsidiary, is pleased to announce that it will be changing its name to Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries. (more…)

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2018 – A time to remember why we remain invested

By Gielie de Swardt, head of Distribution at Sanlam Investments. The year 2018 started off with signals of synchronised growth across the globe, instilling a fair amount of optimism in investors. But now, as we can almost touch the end of this calendar year, the mood has turned markedly cautious. We capture the main themes […]

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Most SMEs have no succession plan in case of business partner’s sudden death

Business owners go to great lengths to protect their businesses against theft and other immediate, tangible risks, but risks related to the sudden death, disability or illness of a business partner are often overlooked. (more…)

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Government responds to rating action by Fitch Ratings

Government says it notes Fitch’s decision to affirm South Africa’s long term foreign and local currency debt ratings at ‘BB+’ and maintain the stable outlook. South Africa’s foreign and local currency credit ratings by Fitch remain below investment grade. According to Fitch, the ratings affirmation and stable outlook are based on the following factors; “low […]

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A good track record of providing safety nets

By David Crosoer, Executive of Research and Investments at PPS Investments. PPS’s multi-managed funds have built credible long and short-term track records as a result of the consistent application of our investment approach to both the construction and evaluation of our portfolios. (more…)

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