South African insurance in need of a reality check

Brad Toerien

South Africans are dreadfully underinsured. The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) has estimated that 14 million families face a combined insurance shortfall of almost R29 trillion should the main breadwinner become unable to generate an income. (more…)

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Masthead Masterclass helps advisors prepare for the future

Independent financial advisors (IFAs) need to be fully committed to their businesses and not just involved, if they want to succeed in the increasingly regulated environment of the future, Ian Middleton, MD of Masthead, told more than 1 000 IFAs at the recent Masthead Masterclass held in 11 venues across South Africa. (more…)

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It’s a buyers’ market for house sales

What banks consider when assessing a home loan application

Most often, consumers rely on real estate agents or third parties to assist them with home loan applications. This results in them not fully understanding what banks consider when approving or declining an application. (more…)

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Tightening up on the offshore trust rules

By Ernest Mazansky, Head of Tax Practice, Werksmans Attorneys. (more…)

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Why women need to save more for retirement than men do

By Fran Troskie, Investment Research Analyst, RisCura. Women, on average, live five years longer than men. This means their retirement savings need to last them – on average – five years longer. It’s an important message that doesn’t seem to have hit home yet: women need to save more for retirement than men do. And, […]

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Ombud raps insurer on knuckles for poor service

The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance, Judge Ron McLaren, has criticised Alexander Forbes Life for the poor handling of a disability claim that caused the complainant to suffer inconvenience and distress. (more…)

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The basics of car insurance excesses explained

Excess payments are among the most contentious aspects of car insurance. Ernest North, co-founder at Naked, clears up common questions about insurance excesses and provides tips about checking whether you have the right policy for your risk exposure and your pocket. What is an insurance excess? The excess is an amount of money that will […]

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How to improve your credit score

Access to credit can be a cornerstone to personal growth and many consumers can relate to the excitement and relief of qualifying for credit to buy a house, a car or to cover education costs and medical emergencies. (more…)

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Digitalisation and the listed property sector

The South African property market is not immune to the worldwide structural trend of consumers increasingly choosing to shop online instead of at their local mall. What are the implications of this trend for the South African listed real estate sector and for investors who hold this sector in their investment portfolio? (more…)

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Five reasons South Africa needs universal health coverage

As South Africa gears up for the full implementation of National Health Insurance, the aims of this crucial element of the country’s future development should not be forgotten. (more…)

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Edge of Chaos Why Democracy Is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth and How to Fix It, By Dambisa Moyo

Around the world, people angry at stagnant wages and growing inequality have rebelled against established governments and turned to political extremes – from the revolutions of the Arab Spring to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Liberal democracy, history’s greatest engine of growth, now struggles to overcome unprecedented economic headwinds – whether it’s aging […]

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