Is entrepreneurship a trip best travelled alone?

Christo Botes*

Every so often, an entrepreneurial endeavour will be a collective effort – from idea to execution – resulting in a business being built around a partnership of complete equal ownership and responsibility. More commonly, however, an idea will sprout from a single individual who, upon cultivating the concept and embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, must […]

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The SARB treads carefully, leaves rates unchanged

Following the South African Reserve Bank’s decision to keep interest rates at their previous level, FNB confirms that it will maintain its prime lending rate at 10,50% and will review its position after the next SARB MPC meeting in July. (more…)

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Europe’s outlook improves

With the French election over, is it time to be more optimistic about investing in Europe? According to recent data, there’s been some economic improvement across the EU, while companies appear to be doing well and share prices are climbing. In such an environment, is it perhaps too easy to believe that Europe’s problems are […]

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New improvements to SARS dispute management process will help taxpayers

Taxpayers who disagree with SARS on any matter – whether it is income tax or VAT – will welcome changes to the service’s dispute management process which were introduced on 15 May 2017. This is according to Ilsa Groenewald, Associate Director for tax at the Durban office of international audit, tax and advisory firm, BDO […]

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Low confidence in education system meeting NDP goals

One of the goals stated in the National Development Plan (NDP) is for 90% of grades 3, 6 and 9 learners to achieve 50% or more in annual national assessments for literacy, mathematics and science by 2030. When asked whether they feel this goal is realistic, only 26% of South African graduate professionals said yes. […]

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Should dash cams play a bigger role in the short-term insurance industry?

Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi released road death statistics showing a 51% increase in fatalities during the 2017 Easter period – raising concern for safe driving on the roads. The role of dash cams (or car dashboard cameras) in helping motorists with responsible driving has been much debated around the world. Social media is littered with […]

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Accommodation options for retirees

Shortage of retirement accommodation in South Africa

There’s an added element of retirement planning that perhaps does not receive the attention it should.  It relates to the choices about the roof over one’s head when one becomes a senior citizen. (more…)

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Inflation eases to 5.3%, weak growth remains a concern

By Mamello Matikinca, FNB Senior Economist Consumer price inflation staged its first return within the SARB’s target band since August last year, printing 5.3% y/y in April from 6.1% in March. (more…)

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Cyber-crime requires specialised protection against unique risks

The majority of businesses in South Africa are aware of the risks of cyber-crime, but very few of them have adequate – if any – cover to protect their organisations in the event of a cyber-attack. (more…)

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FNB promotes access to banking in rural South Africa

FNB has become the first bank in South Africa to introduce a non-cash dispensing ATM with deposit capability. These ATMs are a smaller version of the standard ATM which FNB introduced in 2013 as a way of bringing banking services directly into communities. (more…)

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Uncertainty means SARB expected to leave rates unchanged

The uncertainty around the rand with Moody’s rating review still pending would make the Monetary Policy Committee very cautious to change any policy settings. This is according to Tinyiko Ngwenya, an economist for Old Mutual Investment Group, who says that the South African Reserve Bank will likely leave the repo rate unchanged at the conclusion […]

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