The value the internet can bring to advisers’ businesses

Philip Calvert

By Philip Calvert, International Social Media Expert It happens a couple of times a year. The email comes in and they always say the same thing: “I’m sorry Philip, but I won’t be joining your technology revolution. My clients aren’t interested in the internet and that’s fine by me.” (more…)

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Justice Malala Predicts Roller Coaster Ride until 2019 Elections

Speaking at the 29th Financial Planning Institute Professionals Convention being held at the Century City Convention Centre, political commentator and columnist Justice Malala gave delegates insights into the current political climate in South Africa, and how this may be affecting investment and the local economy. (more…)

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What customers want… Why trust is the cornerstone of financial planning

Regulators and financial planning professionals agree – financial sector regulation must promote access and inclusivity; ensure positive financial outcomes for consumers; and promote trust in advice, the financial planning profession and financial products. This is the message from a panel debate on regulatory change, held on the first day of the 2017 FPI Professionals Convention […]

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Political awareness an imperative for professional financial advice

A deep awareness of the South African political landscape is important to financial planners due to its effect on the domestic economy and the knock-on impact on business and consumer confidence and investment returns. (more…)

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Financial Planning Institute Announces 2017 Financial Planner of the Year

The Financial Planning Institute (FPI) of Southern Africa, last night at the FPI Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner, announced Mark MacSymon, CFP®, as the 2017 FPI Financial Planner of the Year in a hotly contested competition. The FPI Financial Planner of the Year Award honours outstanding planners from across South Africa and is considered to be […]

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MTBPS: Economic growth crucial to SMEs

While local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have many wishes for the upcoming Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) that will improve the ease of doing business, none of these will be significant unless the ultimate outcome of the speech is improved economic prospects. (more…)

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How to deal with disappearing tenants

In difficult economic times, many landlords rely on the rental income their tenants bring in – but what happens if that tenant suddenly decides to move out? (more…)

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Local and global gold demand at record levels

Gold has generally held its status as an investment haven in times of global uncertainty, disparate economic growth across countries and particularly when geopolitics take the centre stage as they have done in recent years. (more…)

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Don’t let geopolitics blind you to investment opportunities

The world may appear fraught with geopolitical risk, but such perceptions cloud the vision of many investors who ignore the rich potential thrown up by the seeming disorder. Former White House adviser Philippa Malmgren, at present consulting to the British government, said a focus on quantitative analysis blinded asset managers to technological innovation taking place […]

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Five rental property buying mistakes to avoid

Praven Subbramoney, CEO of Private Bank Lending at FNB, points out five mistakes to avoid when choosing the right rental property: (more…)

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Why you should invest 100% of your surplus assets offshore

Wealthy South African investors should look to invest 100% of their long-term surplus assets offshore. This is according to Reyneke van Wyk, Head of Investment Management, South Africa at Stonehage Fleming. (more…)

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